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Rare and Exotic Oils in Jojoba allow you to experience the wonderful properties of Medicine Flower's unique and expensive oils. Mixed with jojoba oil, they are easy to apply directly to your skin or use it as a base to create your own signature blend.

Our essential oils and absolutes are organic or wildcrafted, sustainably grown and non-GMO.

Ingredients: genuine essential oils in organic jojoba oil


Chamomile, Blue in Jojoba - 10 mLChamomile, Blue in Jojoba - 10 mL
Botanical name: Matricaria chamomilla Origin: Egypt Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled

Chamomile, Roman in Jojoba - 10 mLChamomile, Roman in Jojoba - 10 mL
Botanical name: Anthemis nobilis Origin: Oregon, USA Method of Extraction: Steam distilled Uses: Relaxation, sleep aide, anti-anxiety, aches, tension, wounds, and infection

Jasmine in Jojoba - 10 mLJasmine in Jojoba - 10 mL
Botanical name: Jasminum grandiflorum Origin: India Method of Extraction: Solvent Extracted Uses: Optimism; balances hormones, skin (dryness, rashes, eczema, detmatitis) – not for problem skin, and eases pain. Recommended for use with childbirth

Melissa in Jojoba - 10 mLMelissa in Jojoba - 10 mL
Botanical name: Melissa officinalis Origin: Bulgaria or USA

Neroli in Jojoba - 10 mLNeroli in Jojoba - 10 mL
Botanical name: Citrus aurantium Origin: Tunisia Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled Uses: Relieves anxiety and nervous tension, uplifting the spirit and helps to create a sense of well being. Relieves most skin conditions, moves the blood and stimulates new cell growth.

Rose in Jojoba - 10 mLRose in Jojoba - 10 mL
Botanical name: Rosa damascena Origin: Morocco, Turkey and/or Bulgaria Method of Extraction: Solvent Extraction Uses: Cools inflammation and swellings, moisturizes skin, increases circulation, eases respiratory conditions, and relieves stress related issues.

Sandalwood in Jojoba - 10 mLSandalwood in Jojoba - 10 mL
Botanical name: Santalum album

White Sage in Jojoba - 10 mLWhite Sage in Jojoba - 10 mL
Botanical name: Apia salvia


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