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Stay Bugless with Medicine Flower!

Keeps mosquitoes (and other bugs) away, the natural way! Our Bug Oil and Bug Mist use natural essential oils and are free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. They contain no pennyroyal essential oil!

Reviews from Medicine Flower customers:

I have been using all natural Bug Shield since its conception by Medicine Flower in 1997. I have found it to be very effective against mosquitoes, "no-see-ums" and other flying insects. With such a pleasant scent, it's enjoyable to apply when needed and I love having the choice of oil-based or water-based! Those chemical-based bug repellents on the market have been proven to be harmful and have no place on my family's skin. All natural Medicine Flower Bug Shield is all I will ever need use when I'm heading outdoors.
Jeanette H. Thoughtful Mom - Willamette Valley, Oregon

Anyone who lives in Minnesota or Wisconsin knows that the mosquito is our state's bird! There can be days when we are held hostage because its just too miserable to go outside and fight off the swarms of bugs. But major relief came with Medicine Flower Bug Repellent. An exceptional product that is not only incredibly pleasant to apply to your body, but also has wonderful smelling, natural oils that the bugs dislike. Take back the outdoors with Medicine Flower Bug Shield as your friend. I'm sold on it!!!
E. Kenny User since 1999 - Minnesota

Medicine Flower Bug Shield is great!!!! Especially if you are pregnant and can't be around all of those awful chemical repellents and even some natural repellents such as pennyroyal. I spray the bug repellent on my tent, myself, my hair, my clothes (doesn't stain) and it (I swear) last for hours without having to reapply it. It has a pleasant smell, it isn't sticky and it doesn't leave a funny taste in your mouth if you accidentally inhale some. Fabric pieces can be sprayed and then hung around the area to protect against the little vampires. I am confident to use it on my children. I hope others try it.
Teresa M. (pregnant and a mosquito magnet) Trusting user since 2000 - Portland, Oregon

Our essential oils and absolutes are organic or wildcrafted, sustainably grown and non-GMO.


Bug Mist - 4 ozBug Mist - 4 oz
Go Bugless with Medicine Flower! Apply Bug Mist to clothes, fabric and socks around your ankles. For added protection apply Medicine Flower Bug Oil. Our customers say, "It really works... and smells great too!"

Ingredients: water, alcohol, vegetable emulsifier, peppermint*, lemongrass*, cedar*, eucalyptus*, geranium*, catnip* and other botanical essences (*organically grown)

Bug Oil - 4 ozBug Oil - 4 oz
Go Bugless with Medicine Flower! Apply to exposed skin or surfaces where insects and bugs are not welcome. For added protection apply Bug Oil to clothes, fabric and socks around the ankles. An All Natural Bug Repellent! Our customers say, "It really works... and smells great too!"

Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, peppermint*, lemongrass*, cedar*, eucalyptus*, geranium*, catnip* and other botanical essences (*organically grown)


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