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Khyphi: The Pharaoh's Delight!

Antiquity's truths, so elusive, tempt us to search abandoned temples and burial sites in the hopes that we will rediscover what we've forgotten about the possibilities of our eternal nature. Egypt comes into our imagination easily!

In order to preserve a future memory the gods, or Neters, of ancient Egypt gifted us our first experience of elusive remembrance, the scent of "Khyphi". It is the oldest recipe in aromatic blending. This beautiful sensual trigger arouses your past and allows your future to manifest within your minds' eye!

Burned for Pharaoh's delight and to evoke your sensual empathy; it reveals the spiritual essence of daily transformation in the relationship between land and sky. The journey of our Sun (Ra). One of the survivors of the great de-evolution of Egypt, Khyphi Oil and incense has been cultivated by the Greeks, Romans and their conquered territories.

Khyphi survived, in several formulas. Everyone dabbles! One blending of Khyphi has over 32 ingredients including, myrrh, clove, cinnamon, frankincense, chamomile, mysore sandalwood, cardamom, styrax, benzion, juniperberry, galbanum, jasmine, myrtle, sweet orange, thyme, honey, palm, lotus and a few grains of paradise. The eldest Egyptian blending took several months, with many steps of extraction and aging to complete it.

What will Khyphi do for you? It will delight you! Just as it did the Pharaoh and his children. This is a deep, spicy, alluring scent that fragrantly transforms as it is applied to an individual or used in a vapor lamp. Filling up your environment, Khyphi can enhance an intimate mood, deepen your focus or allow you to travel into your imagination with greater ease and adventure. It may even inspire a kiss... You can smell the enduring sweet, spicy essence of Egypt!

Written by: Gwendolyn H. Barry - blender & founder of 'Daughters of Isis Cultural Aromachologie'. Gwen is an aromachologist, aromatherapist & flower essence practitioner.


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