Gifts of the Earth™

We are excited to announce the opening of our Medicine Flower “Gifts of the Earth“ retail store located in Glide Oregon! We are open Tuesday through Friday from 10am to 5pm and Saturdays by appointment only, extended hours will be announced soon.
Located at the Gateway of the Umpqua National Forest on your way to over 25 waterfalls, Diamond Lake, and Crater Lake (One of the Wonders of the World). We are looking forward to sharing the bounties of Mother Earth.  Our store will include essential oils, rare and exotic aromatics, resins, nurturing teas, crystals, body care, and Medicine Flower’s famous Mood Enhancing Scents For Every Day Living™. Botanical perfumes and other healing tools for the transformation of the mind, body and spirit will also be offered.
  For many years, there has been popular demand for our hand-made truly botanical scented Candles and we will be offering these on our site or in the store.  One of our featured products will be Gifts of the Earth Treasure Candles. As each layer is aromatically imbued, treasures can be found as you burn for hours of aromatic pleasure.

These quality essences from the flowers or other parts of plants are sacred and have life-giving properties that enhance total well-being. Please enjoy our products made from sustainable materials:
  • Sacred Sage Smokeless Mist A synergistic blend of traditional purifying herbs made with hand picked, wild, and organically grown White Sage.
  • Medicine Flower's signature AromaBlends of synergistic essential oils and absolutes create 'Mood Enhancing Scents For Every Day Living'.
  • Our oils are selectively picked for purity and good tones of fragrance.
  • We have many rare and exotic oils.
  • Our BodyButters are made with incredibly rich all-natural emollients that melt into your skin.
  • They nourish and heal by moisturizing and protecting from the natural elements.
  • amazing strength and purity for your enjoyment.


"As usual Medicine Flower has delivered beyond our expectations. Your flavor extracts are Divine! And I did not have to wait long at all! Keep up the awesome service." --A Recent Email From a Satisfied Customer in the USA

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