Coconut Snow Deodorant

"Coconut Snow Deodorant Customer Testimonials:

"I took Coconut Snow to Barbados and wore it on long hikes into the hot, damp jungle. Coconut Snow worked perfectly and lasted all day with no odor."

"Coconut Snow works! I even had to use it in a situation where I couldn't take a shower and, like magic, it removed all of the odor instantly."
Medicine Flower now offers a new, natural deodorant called "Coconut Snow", made by Organicopia, that works better than any deodorant we have ever tried. Period.

Coconut Snow is hugely better than any "natural" brands from your health food store, which mainly try to "mask" the odor with strong perfumes. Coconut Snow contains no fragrances and has a very faint scent of coconut from the deodorized coconut oil.

Unlike supposedly natural, "crystal" deodorants, which contain aluminum salts (also known as "alum"), Coconut Snow is aluminum-free.

Why does it work? Cool, white & unscented, Coconut Snow deodorant uses the deodorizing power of baking soda and coconut oil to eliminate odor. It also contains corn starch to help keep you dry. Jojoba oil and vitamin E protect and moisturize your skin.

Coconut Snow is completely unscented and non-staining. It can be used under your arms or on your feet. This stuff works!

Coconut Snow Stick

All the great features of Coconut Snow, but easy to apply and great to take to the gym, travel or anywhere. Exactly the same, all natural ingredients as regular Coconut Snow!


Coconut Snow Stick - 2.54 ozCoconut Snow Stick - 2.54 oz
We have tested this product with our staff, friends and family. Coconut Snow Works!

Ingredients: sunflower* and/or jojoba oil*, cornstarch*, baking soda, coconut oil*, sunflower wax and/or jojoba ester, vitamin E (natural mixed tocopherols) (*organic)

This is a natural product and should kept in a cool place.


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